Privacy Policy Pledge

Your right to privacy is important to me, so I have created this Privacy Policy Pledge to demonstrate my commitment to privacy. The following statements show the methods used for gathering information and how that information is used at Crestview Creative.

I do NOT use visitor information for any purpose other than to respond to inquiries or to help improve the Web site. Email addresses submitted through our forms and any other visitor information from my server logs are never sold or used for any other purpose. Information allows me to respond to inquiries if needed, improve my Web site, and ban spammers and hacking attempts.

No information is ever shared with third parties except as required by law or to investigate abuse of this Web site.

NOTE: Information about spammers, potential hackers, and others conducting questionable behavior will be provided to appropriate law enforcement officers for possible prosecution. Spammers, hackers, and others conducting questionable behavior (such as those using site-ripping software and spambots) will also be banned from this Web site and reported to appropriate authorities, solely at the discretion of the Web site owner and server owner.


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